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The Master of the Blade

One man, one vote

(Cross-posted from my personal LJ at busychild424's request.)

I know it's silly, but one of the biggest annoyances I faced when my wife Amy and I first started talking about moving to the Kansas side of the line was the sad realization that, once again, my vote in the Presidential election would mean nothing. My grievances about the Electoral College probably don't need to be revisited here, but let's just say that there's a reason no Presidential candidates ever bother to visit Kansas - those six electoral college votes are basically tattooed red from head to foot, and nothing either side can do will change that. Nor will any vote I might cast, no matter how much I might wish otherwise. I still plan to vote next November, of course - there's some hope for my Congressional district, and I think Sebelius is leaving office soon (that might be 2009, though) - but who winds up in 1600 Pennsylvania next January really will have nothing to do with me.

Or will it?

After Tuesday's insanely unlikely victory for Clinton in New Hampshire, suddenly no one knows who's going to be the Democratic nominee. Until last week, Clinton seemed a lock - after last week, Obama looked the sure thing. (For an amusing graphical representation of this, take a look at the Iowa Electronic Markets for the Dem nomination. Heehee!) Now, no one's got a clue, though it seems likely that my guy, Edwards, is out of it. But who knows?

Regardless, I didn't think this mattered to me. Kansas is a caucus state, and last I knew, the caucuses were held in July or something. By then, this will be sorted out - because in three weeks, the event called variously Super Duper Tuesday or Tsunami Tuesday thanks to the ludicrously large numbers of states holding primaries or caucuses that day will almost certainly result in a victory for one of the candidates. So I thought I was out of the loop.

But! It turns out that the Kansas Democratic Party is caucusing - on Super Duper Tuesday! And what's more, I can register as a Democrat when I walk in the door!

So guess who's gonna go have his say in the 2008 Presidential election after all!

(Psst: The Kansas GOP is doing theirs on Feb. 9, if that's of any interest to you. And for my friends on the other side of the state line, Missouri's primary is also on Super Duper Tuesday - but the voter registration deadline was yesterday, so if you're not already registered, you're out of luck. I encourage you to go if you are, though - it might well matter this year!)
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